Two workers of Lalmonirhat were kidnapped in Libya. The kidnappers demanded a ransom of 1 Lac Bangladeshi taka from their family. The worker’s family members were said to have deposited the money to the Bkash numbers of the kidnapping gang in Bangladesh. The workers ‘ families have also been threatened that the workers will be killed if they do not pay the money. The two abducted workers are Al Amin (23), son of Zainal Abedin and son-in-law of Zainal Abedin, Hafizul Islam (40) of Sinduria village of Panchgram Union of Lalmonirhat Sadar Upazila. In this incident, the family panicked. The sub-inspector (SI), Ruhul Amin, said ‘the necessary steps would be taken according to the instructions of the officer in charge of the Sadar police station’.

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Zainal Abedin, father of one of the kidnapped workers and father-in-law of the other, said, “The anonymous person gave 2 different numbers. They are pressing to send a total of 1 lakh taka, which means 50 thousand to each of the numbers, hearing the news that my wife Aliya has fallen ill’.

Sick Aliya Begum said tearfully, “My son and daughter-in-law could not earn money properly. How can we arrange money? But If you don’t pay, They will kill my son and son-in-law and hide the bodies.’

Zainab, daughter of Zainal Abedin, said, ‘My husband and only brother Al Amin went to Libya together. Now that he has been abducted there, my in-laws are asking to find my husband and bring him back to the country. They told me that if my husband does not return, I will not be allowed to enter my in-laws’ house. If I don’t get my husband back, I understand that my family will be broken.

Liton Mia (23), the brother of another laborer named Al Amin, who went to work in Libya, said, “Our house is in Bhim Sharma village of Rajarhat. On March 11 at 7:51 am, someone called me from Libya and informed me that my brother Al Amin, cousin Rakibul, another Al Amin of Sinduria village, and his sister-in-law Hafizul had been kidnapped. If I want to get them alive, I have to pay a ransom of 5 lakh taka per person. He also threatened me that if legal recourse were taken, they would be killed, and the bodies would disappear. He further said, “I think Mizanur Rahman, son of Abdul Monnaf and some other people from Ramram village of the same union, is behind this kidnapping. So, I filed a case at Lalmonirhat Sadar Police Station on April 6′.

The family of Al Amin, the victim of abduction, said that ‘Al Amin was sent to Libya three years ago after selling all the land and belongings and spending 500,000 rupees. At the same time, his sister-in-law Hafizul Islam also went to Libya. Although there was no problem in three years, on March 11, 8 am, an unidentified person called Al Amin’s father, Zainal Abedin’s IMO number and said that Al Amin and Hafizul had been kidnapped. After that, the kidnappers demanded a ransom of one lakh taka. They also threatened to kill them if they did not pay the ransom’.

He also said that Al Amin and Hafizul went to Libya through Mizanur Rahman, a Libyan expatriate son of Abdul Monnaf of the same village. Mizanur may have been involved in the kidnapping, and his men may have kidnapped Al Amin and Hafizul in Libya for ransom and held them in an undisclosed location. So, a written complaint was given to Sadar police station on April 6.

According to Ruhul Amin, who is the Deputy Inspector of Lalmonirhat Sadar Police Station and also the Beat Officer (SI) of Panchagram Union, two written complaints have been filed regarding the kidnapping of workers for ransom in Libya. The complaint has been brought to the attention of the officer in charge (OC) of the police station. Further steps will be taken based on the instructions provided by the OC.

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