Amidst the challenges many factories are currently facing in implementing the new Minimum Wage Gazette 2023 requirements, Emon Fashion Ltd. (EFL) has set a benchmark in the RMG industry for its commendable practices in implementing the newly published minimum wage gazette. EFL met the deadline and expectations by providing fair wages to its workers on January 6, 2024.

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This proactive step by EFL ensured not only legal compliance but also garnered heartfelt appreciation from its workers and employees. Expressing their gratitude and satisfaction, the workers distributed sweets among the management staff, signifying a solid bond and contentment within the workplace.

The workers expressed satisfaction through representatives of the PC Committee. Notably, the wage rise coincided with increased worker overtime work rates. The wage increases and increased overtime work rates have enabled them to meet their daily necessities more comfortably, and they can now save money. They also expressed gratitude to the responsible party for implementing the 2023 Minimum Wage Gazette, which will significantly improve their standard of living.

EFL’s exceptional handling of minimum wage gazette implementation reflects its commitment to workers’ and employees’ well-being and fair treatment. In a landscape where compliance is a challenge, EFL stands as an excellent example of how dedication, integrity, and care for workers and employees can create a harmonious and fulfilling work environment.

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