Why you are not getting your first job?

Iftakhar Shehab Ifti

Before going into the deep of the title, let me ask you a question – what you did to get your first job?  

Let me guess the answer –

1) You didn’t think this way;

2) Your answer is so descriptive that sometimes you lost the point where you started;

3) your answer explains you don’t have a specific goal


4) You don’t know specifically what are the things that help you to get your first job. You know what; that is why you are not getting your first job!

Every year more than 30 thousand competent graduates come into the job market and tough truth is there is not that number of jobs in the market. Imagine, all those 30 thousand competent graduates have a football on their feet and maybe there is 10 thousand or less number of goalposts having a size of 2 square feet in front of them. Everyone shot again and again on that goal post, but a few succeeded, a few can’t and a few waited. These few waited numbers stop taking shots and make a plan & work out to find the way how they can goal in few shots; meant make them competent for the job market – what they should do before their graduation.

Few factors legging you behind to get your first job –

  1. Diversity of goals; you have set up so many goals or you don’t have a specific goal. Two things happen – 1) this factor has been unintentionally disclosed in your conversation in interview board, 2) you couldn’t able to plan & work on all these goals for scarcity of time and resources (can’t make yourself competent to achieve these goals). Remember, you can’t reach two destinations at the same time.
  2. Wrong perception about your ability; as a competent fresh graduate having reputed university background, so many training and good communication skill; you thought you are a step forward. But unfortunately, 20% of these competencies will help you in your work and left 80% is worthless. So, believe yourself but don’t be overconfident.
  3. Wrong idea about choosing a job; when you have been offered your first job, you started comparison among job location, salary & benefits offered to you and salary your friend’s drawing, company brands etc. Honestly, it’s the matter of getting your first job when there is scarcity of job in the market; thinking about whether you will wait or not for better opportunity is a foolish idea. Besides career is marathon race; for a moment your friend become first, but that’s not the end; your continuous improvement will always give a chance to cross your friends.
  4. Poor ideas about salary structure; its common question in interview board – what is your salary expectation; but most of the fresh graduates ask for odd number which throw them out of the pool. Having limited skills & ideas related to job, how can you ask for a number? Don’t look into your friend’s number; he just become first, that doesn’t mean you are less competent and it won’t be a big deal in long run. To start is the deal here.
  5. Lack of sustainability; expectation of quickly reaching on the top of roof is always an inappropriate idea. Most of the time it’s been flashed out in the interview and becomes the reason of throwing out from the pool. Remember, you can reach the roof of five storied building both in one minute and five minutes, but there is always a risk of accident when you are in a hurry. So, keep patient.

Every moment someone is stepping forward to you, every day someone enters into the job market; so work out on your goal, knowledge, skills, abilities, perception, strength and weakness. Precise your goal and make a plan to achieve that goal. Work on every small factor, because those will create the differences.


Writer: HR Manager || Huawei Technologies(Bangladesh)

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